First Year Engineering

Learning is a natural process; to explore, to know more, to experiment, to verify, to innovate and the younger the mind, the more curious it is. Our highly qualified and experienced teachers and instructors assist and encourage the new students to satisfy their curiosity in laboratories and workshops, and ensure that the young students sharpen their thought processes and application skills. The students practice enthusiastically in laboratories and workshops of Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Surveying, Engineering Drawing, Engineering Mechanics, Foundry, and Carpentry.


This is a unique relationship exercise implemented by ASCT. It is student-oriented and the focus is on human sensibilities. Under this program, our teachers are given charge of 30 students each and they act as their guides, philosophers and friends. Keeping track of every studentís day to day activities and progress under their charge, the tutor-guardian provides for the necessary emotional support to the students, individually and collectively. Keeping track of attendance in the classes and labs/workshops, internal assessments, unit-tests, behaviour in the campus etc., the tutor-guardians regularly interact with parents to trace and resolve causes for unsatisfactory performance.

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First Year Cordianator

  • Prof. Rafi Ahmed - 9893459004