Welcome to the All Saints' College of Engineering. Our main aim is to achieve excellence in technical education, in consonance with which Social Service, Indian Cultural Values and National Goals are an essential focus of the ethos of All Saints’ College of Engineering.

Emphasis is laid on developing inter–personal communication, teamwork and presentation of skills through seminars and workshops on the latest technology to assist the development of a student's overall personality.

Globalisation has ensured that prospects of educated and skilled persons, irrespective of their country of origin, will always be attainable if we provide them with an educational system that not only teaches but encourages 'learning'..

Modern technical tools, available to students today, make knowledge dissemination easy and open up opportunities for them to become global citizens. As educators we endeavoure to provide them with a forum to facilitate the fulfillment of their aspirations and our goals..

  • I am happy and gratified to have this opportunity to address our students, their parents, educationists and all who are committed to the cause and progress of education in our country. At ASCT and ASCE our aim is to train students to have a mastery of basic principles of Engineering and Science in order to become employable as well as become professionally qualified to take up careers in academic institutions, industries, research and social organizations.

  • 50 years experience in Industry and academic field. He obtained Ph.D. in Automatic controls from university of Wales (U.K.) in 1971, and D.RC in Production Engineering from Glasgow (U.K.) in 1967 and B.E. (Horn.) from Jabalpur in 1963. He was with MANIT, Bhopal, UWIST (U.K.), IIT Kanpur, HAL Lucknow and Nasik, BHEL Bhopal, RKDF and Vedica Institute. He has published more than fifty papers in National and International Journals and member of ASME, IEEE, ISTE, fellow of IEI and was chairman of Fluid Power committee of BIS.