Rules & Regulations

Discipline Code

In order to maintain high standards both academically and culturally, it is important to adhere to a prescribed code of conduct. The following will be regarded as a violation of the code:

  1. Disregard of college and hostel rules, orders and notices given by the administration.
  2. Irregular attendance. The university’s requirement of a minimum of 75 percent attendance must be fulfilled.
  3. Persistent neglect of studies.
  4. Recourse to unfair means in tests, examinations, assignments etc.
  5. Consumption & distribution of drugs or hallucinogens.
  6. Delay in payment of college dues.
  7. Insubordination and discourtesy.

Students should observe the following:

* During training in industry, students must conform to industrial discipline and follow factory rules regarding attendance, holiday timings, dress etc.

* Students shall be responsible for all books, apparatus, tools instruments, materials etc. issued to them.

* Students shall observe all safety precautions. The college is not responsible for accidents of any nature in the college, hostel, workshop, laboratories and playground.

* No association, society or club shall be formed by the students without prior permission of the Principal.

* Students indulging in ragging will invariably lead to expulsion from college.

* Dress Code: The established uniform and dress code must be observed. The college blazer must be worn on all formal occasions.