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Rules & Regulations

Discipline Code:

In order to maintain high standards both academically and culturally, it is important to adhere to a prescribed code of conduct. The following will be regarded as a violation of the code:

• Disregard of college and hostel rules, orders and notices given by the administration.
• Irregular attendance. The university’s requirement of a minimum of 75 percent attendance must be fulfilled.
• Persistent neglect of studies.
• Recourse to unfair means in tests, examinations, assignments etc.
• Ragging of students.
• Noisy, boisterous and disorderly behavior.
• Damaging college furniture.
• Consumption & distribution of drugs or hallucinogens.
• Delay in payment of college dues.
• Insubordination and discourtesy.
• Taking part in strikes.
• Failure to produce identity card and driving license on demand by members of the staff at any time and place within the college, hostel and town.

Students should observe the following:

• During training in industry, students must conform to industrial discipline and follow factory rules regarding attendance, holiday timings, dress etc.
• Students shall be responsible for all books, apparatus, tools instruments, materials etc. issued to them.
• Students shall observe all safety precautions. The college is not responsible for accidents of any nature in the college, hostel, workshop, laboratories and playground.
• No association, society or club shall be formed by the students without prior permission of the principal.
• A student who has been found guilty of an act of indiscipline is liable to any one or more of the following punishments.
• (a)Warning (b) Censure (c) Fine (d) Reduction/Cancellation of scholarship/stipend (e) Recovery in part or full of losses or damages to college property or property of others caused by the delinquent student. (f) Suspension from class or from availing of any college facilities (g) Removal, rustication or expulsion from college or hostel. (h) Withholding of character certificate.
• Students indulging in ragging will invariably lead to expulsion from college.
• Students who wish to take leave must give an application duly signed by their parents/guardians to the principal, at least two days before the date on which they wish to proceed on leave.
• Railway concessions are issued to students in accordance with the rules presented by the railways.
Dress Code: The established uniform and dress code must be observed. The college blazer must be worn on all formal occasions.

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