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The Chairperson

I am happy and gratified to have this opportunity to address our students, their parents, educationists and all who are committed to the cause and progress of education in our country.

At ASCT and ASCE our aim is to train students to have a mastery of basic principles of engineering and science in order to become employable as well as become professionally qualified to take up careers in academic institutions, industry, research and social organizations. In order to succeed they are encouraged to go beyond the prescribed syllabi, become more organized and meticulous in their studies and allocate time to develop talents and activity which stimulate their intellects and are also enjoyable.

The first task of a student is to study the subject well just as the prime responsibility of a teacher is to make the subject come alive. At the same time we cannot leave the social interpretation and application of education wholly to principals, parents, pamphlets or chance. If the public is to value scientific research its worth must be made more apparent. For this teaching and learning must develop both a science and a philosophy. The techniques call for scientific study of methods and ethical study of ends. The student must be encouraged to be open-minded, critical and constructive. Opportunities need to be created for a training of mind, body, hand and eye, of purpose, leadership, integrity in work and loyalty to a cause that certainly includes, but goes beyond the means of economic satisfaction. All scientific and educational exercise must educate for citizenship, for the duties of parenthood and social living, for leisure as well as for the interpretation of life and world values.
Mrs. Kaisar Zaman
M.A. (Oxon) B.Ed
All Saints’ Group of Institutions, Bhopal
In order to compete successfully and to flourish in today's technological scenario it is vital for engineering students to avail of every opportunity that provides exposure and experimentation to augment their knowledge base, promote potential and encourage enterprise.In an era of globalization and rapid technological advancement, technical education must adhere to the changing times in order to look ahead into the future. Technology has penetrated systems not only of education but of social networks, governance, business and even personal domains.

The student fraternity has unprecedented opportunities and avenues to showcase their competencies provided they make full and proper use of them. They are doubly blessed because although they can justifiably claim to be part of the global community, it is our Indian values and traditions that will, in the final analysis, guide them to the Highest.

The world of technology is moving at a faster pace than we can envisage. What is taught and learnt today provides a base and impetus for tomorrow's needs and discoveries. We at ASCT endeavour to provide our prospective engineers with an education where inquiry is pushed forward, research verified and perfected, error exposed by the meeting of mind with mind, knowledge with knowledge. Communication through interchange of ideas, comparisons and adjustments of one technology with another gives the students a platform to appreciate and promote the value and utility of their respective areas of study.

A special occasion in 2010 was the visit of Dr. Alice Prochaska, Principal and Dr. Julie Hage, Head of Development of Somerville College, Oxford University, to New Delhi in November. Her proposals to collaborate with us is a matter of privilege and pride and speaks volumes for the verve of the Indian intellect and the esteem in which our country is held. I had wonderful meetings with them and meaningful discussions following which we are in the process of initiating a modus operandi on the subject.

India has emerged as one of the major service providers to global ventures. To consolidate our merits we must ensure that we "walk the talk" while we envisage our students as the future of our great country. However, I strongly feel, and at times with considerable apprehension, that educators and "the system" are not doing enough to promote the viability of technical progress for rural development and poverty alleviation, only through which can students contribute effectively towards the larger task of nation-building. It takes time to change mind sets and alter long-established systems, but it is heartening that the process is shifting from scholastic assessments to aptitude testing thereby integrating competencies by introducing and giving adequate weightage to skill-based components in subjects of study. In addition, what has come to be known as the "knowledge industry" is as much dependent on technical skills as on the ability to empathise, relate, influence and use emotional intelligence.

The highlight of the year 2013 was the unforgettable visit by the former President of India, His Excellency, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to All Saints' College of Technology. His address and interaction with our students and faculty have given credence to our vision and mission and reinforced our determination to build India of his and our dreams. Dr. Kalam's advice for Providing Urban Amenities in Rural Areas will prove to be the catalyst for the fulfilment of this admirable venture. PURA - its acronym - would seek, and I quote from Dr. Kalam's inspiring address, to create "Physical, Electronic, Knowledge connectivities leading to the Economic development of the rural region. With this combined and planned intervention of infrastructure, digital technology, information and enterprise, we can select a cluster of about 20 to 50 villages, which share core competencies and empower those using local enterprises. I would like to suggest here, that the All Saints' College of Technology may like to pursue the implementation of one such PURA Complex covering around 50 to 100 villages on the outskirts of Bhopal utilizing the potential of the youth of this College. This PURA will be called as All Saints' PURA which would empower local villages in this region. The work on PURA will facilitate faculty and students' intensive programme in rural societal transformation".

Such an ambitious and excitingly adventurous initiative cannot be undertaken single-handedly. I would humbly suggest that that the concept of PURA be incorporated in the curriculums of R.G.P.V. and N.I.T.T.T.R. and that the accomplishments in graded steps- University-wise, Institute-wise, College-wise and student-wise - be included in the general and particular profile of the adherents of this scheme as an essential adjunct in the Degree and other certificates given by our premier organization.

It is my earnest plea that our young scientists need to interact with the rural sector and that curricule of technical colleges should, like the medical services, include a rural area-intensive programme. Government schemes of taking the cyber world to villages would get a tremendous boost and reliable feedbacks by such exercises. Over and above this the practical awareness of the enormous possibilities of utilizing technology for upgrading village life and the ensuing exposure and sensitization to the needs of the inhabitants would be the best method of inculcating communication skills and personality development. We need to focus on what can and should be accomplished to implement policies of governance and international funding. India is today storming the outsourcing market, but in the ultimate analysis, real success will be measured by the core services rendered, directly or indirectly, to the social and economic uplift of our country.

Individual and institutional progress and achievements must be practically linked with the development of the social sector. Predictably, Social Engineering has become the buzzword in the corporate world. Our mission is to motivate our prospective engineers to widen the scope of their work and influence which in turn will enable them to experience the joy and worth of constructive intellectual achievements and fulfil their roles as citizens of our country. This vision is the legacy of the late Miss I. C. Auer MBE, the dynamic foundress of our various educational ventures. Her ideals and ethics-based educational system continue to guide us in our work and are more relevant than ever in today's academic scenario. She had great faith and love for our youth which has been justified by the achievement of our alumni in all parts of the world. We dedicate ourselves to her vision and inspiration.

The members of the Governing Committee and I offer our good wishes to our students and our new entrants. We commend the Principal, Vice-Principal, Faculty and Staff for their diligence, dedication and loyalty. I re-iterate Miss Auer's dictum "God will not ask what rank, gain or praise you received but whether you gave of your best to your work, with whom you worked and for whom you worked." That is real success.

                                                       JAI HIND


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